CIA1800+ Full-auto Chemiluminescence Analyzer

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CIA1800+ Full-auto Chemiluminescence Analyzer is acontinuously-operated immunoassay instrument. This system, applying theanalysis principle that combines chemiluminescence and immunoassay technology,can carry out qualitative or quantitative detection of multiple analytes inhuman blood serum, plasma or other body fluids. Assay is running automaticallyand it owns LIS connection to meet the clinical requirement. 

Advanced testing principle

CLIA appliescurrently two main international cutting-edge immunoassay technologies(i.e. Magnetic particle carrier technology and chemiluminescence detectiontechnology), which broadens the range of linear detection, improves the testsensitivity and speed, and enables the system to adequately meet clinicalrequirements.

High throughput and fast test time

220 t/ h ensured;first result can be detected within 15 minutes; Reagent Position:24;samplepositions can be expanded to 160 pcs.

Specially designed washing needle

Washing needlewith side-wall open can ensure the complete separation between the free phaseand solid phase.

Intelligent detection

One step and two step detection can be truly achieved; precise resultscan be ensured.

Streamlined software operating system

User-friendly operationinterface, convenient and concise; Intelligent calibration and quality control, capable of networking with LIS system; function with data editing, storage,query,and printing