Zecen Biotech Have Enter the Finals of 2017 National Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition of Intelligent Precision Medicine

2017-12-13 15:52:19

Precision Medicine helps to improve the health of nation and AI opens a new era for medical intelligence. On Nov. 5, The finals of 2017 National Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition of Intelligent Precision Medicine was held in Shanghai. The director of Torch Center, Ministry of Science and technology Mr. Zhang Zhihong and the chief of Industrial Cluster section Zhang Haifeng as well as the related leaders and guests of Shanghai city attend the competition. 

National Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition is the highest standard of the innovation competition in China, there are 100 projects enter the semi-finals. On Nov. 4, the participating delegates from all over the country arrived in Shanghai and discuss the “integrated path” for artificial intelligence and precision medicine in the new era. In the afternoon, the participated projects appeared on the stage of semi-finals for “road show”. After the serious competition, Jiangsu Zecen Biotech reached the finals as the second in the group.

There were 14 start-up projects reaching the stage of finals, which are consisting of 6 teams and 8 companies. The atmosphere was high and with continuous applause. After serious competition, Jiangsu Zecen Biotech Co., Ltd finally won the Reputation of “Outstanding Enterprise” to end the competition. 

The general manager Mr Liu made a speech after winning the award and said “Zecen Biotech is always forging ahead on the road of innovation. When difficulty comes, we always stay true for the mission. Regardless of the achievement, we insist on producing the best products, and we believe Zecen Biotech would be the leader in hormone items. We insist on innovation and continuous development of precision medicine to lead the domestic in vitro diagnosis industry and break the international companies’ monopoly.