Good News! Zecen Biotech Won the Reputation of “Outstanding Enterprise” among Biomedical Group in the 6th China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition.

2017-12-08 10:23:36

 Good News! On September 18, Zecen Biotech Won the Reputation of “Outstanding Enterprise” among Biomedical Group in the 6th China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition, after a few months of serious competition. 

The Features of Competition

High Standard: China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition is the highest standard of innovation and entrepreneurship competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

High Technology Content: the innovative projects like precision medicine, genetic testing, mobile medical, cancer screening, AI medical imaging, AR surgical navigation and etc. come to the final, representing the development and the future of Chinese biomedical industry.

Serious Competition: there are totally 28147 enterprises in 36 divisions participating in the competition. And more than 200 enterprises have come to the finals of biomedical industry. After serious competition, there are 72 growth enterprises and 24 start-up enterprises have got the prize of outstanding enterprises. 

Scientific and Technological Innovation, Great Achievements

Biological medicine is about the life and health of nationals. Disease prevention and treatment is the mission and essence pursued by entrepreneurs in this field. On September 15, 2017, the Final competition of biomedical industry of 6th China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition started in Nanjing, Jinagsu. And more than 200 enterprises stood out from 36 divisions, bringing innovative projects and got together in Nanjing and creating the national “Mass Innovation Week” for biomedical industry. Getting together in Nanjing, is an opportunity to learn from each other for biomedical industry and also like the “Olympic Games” for national innovative projects.

New projects such as precision medicine, genetic testing, mobile medical, cancer screening, AI medical imaging, AR surgical navigation go up on the stage in succession. Each participant only got 15 minutes to present the core technology, marketing mode and financial data to the judges and get the questioned from the experts. 

Zecen Biotech beared heavy responsibility in the finals. Zecen Biotech had strength all the way through in the Taizhou city and Jiangsu Province competition, beating numbers of excellent enterprises in the medical city, eliminating chemiluminescence diagnostic peer enterprises in Jiangsu province. Zecen Biotech got the finals as the only enterprise in China Medical City and chemiluminescence industry. Zecen Biotech not only assumed the expectations of China Medical City, but also represent chemiluminescence industry to accept the challenge from the excellent enterprises of the whole biomedical industry.

The general manager of Taizhou Zecen Biotech Co., Ltd Mr. Liu Zhenguo made the presentation of the company and communicated with the experts. Zecen Biotech is an in vitro diagnostic enterprise specialized in providing the total full-automatic chemiluminescence solution. After 6-year development, Zecen Biotech already obtained more than 100 CFDA registration certificates and owned a dozen of patent on core technology. Zecen Biotech aims to become a leading company of providing quantitative immunoassay diagnostic reagent kits and full-automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, breaking import barriers and creating the national brand in immunology diagnostic field. Zecen Biotech finally impressed the assessment experts and obtained the title of “Outstanding enterprise of China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition”

The “Entrepreneurship Heroes” Awards was held on the evening of September 18. The judge representatives, participant representatives shared the feeling and experience from the competition to on-site entrepreneurship heroes. The organizing committee awarded the prize to whom won the “outstanding enterprise” and took the group photos. The director of Fund Accepting office, Torch Center, Ministry of Science and technology, Mr. An Lei attended the event and issued a certificate for the outstanding enterprises. 

The title of “Outstanding Enterprises of China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition” is an honor as well as a responsibility for all the Zecen people.

To achieve science innovation and great achievement, all Zecen people will continuously spare their efforts on using the technology to change the melody of life and creating national brand in immunology diagnostic field.