Warm Congratulations to Zecen Biotech on Passing the Audits of the Second Batch including 59 Reagent Items

2017-12-08 10:11:10

   On September 29, 2017, Taizhou Zecen Biotech passed all the review on the second batch including 59 reagent items. This qualification marked a new step for Taizhou Zecen Biotech.

   The success of this review is the result of all employees’ continuous efforts on pursuing high quality. Hereby we would like to thank everyone’s hard working, especially Quality Management Dept, Purchasing & Logistics Dept. and Reagent Manufacturing Dept.

   In the recent years, a variety of reagent kits had been audited and got the CFDA certificate successively, which have proved the high quality of product and powerful Zecen team.

   In the future, we work together and create more miracles.