Zecen Biotech Have Won 2nd Prize in the Growth Enterprises Group in the Technology Entrepreneurship Competition of “Fortune Taizhou”

2017-12-08 10:08:15

    Zecen Biotech just won the honor of “Outstanding Enterprise” in the National Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition in September, who is among few Jingsu enterprises who won the honor and at the same time is the only one in Taizhou. And one month later, Zecen Biotech won another prize.

    On October 20th, 2017, Technology Entrepreneurship Competition of “Fortune Taizhou” came to an end in Taizhou Broadcasting Station. Taizhou Zecen Biotech won 2nd Prize in the Growth Enterprises Group in the competition of 18 enterprises.

    The competition is held by Taizhou Science and Technology Bureau, and supported by 8 government departments such as Taizhou Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Financial, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and etc. The competition has lasted for more than 5 months, and 359 enterprises have took part in it. But after serious competition, there are only 18 enterprises or teams get to the final.

    On the day of competition, the Supervisor of Admin & HR Ms Ge Junyan made 5 minutes introduction of Zecen Biotech to the experts, judges and audience, including Zecen’s patented core technology, strict manufacturing management system, high quality products which are leading in domestic market and comparable to the international brand, professional marketing team and etc. And in the subsequent experts’ questioning section, General Manager Mr. Liu Zhenguo could always answer up to every question with flexible thinking, which impressed the judges a lot. The participants from Zecen Biotech performed steadily, showing high professionalism and good spirit.

    The competition had comparable analysis and comprehensive evaluation on six expects including the introduction of product and technology, business model and the implementation of the program, industry and market, team, financial analysis and on-site performance. 5 experts put a grade on it and 25 public judges also have average score for it. Finally Zecen Biotech won 2nd prize in the growth enterprises group.

    Over the past few years, Zecen Biotech pay high attention on the construction of talent team, diversified training, combination of inside and outside, and go out actively to participate in all kinds of competition. General Manager Mr. Liu Zhenguo does not hesitate to expand mentoring while the employees positively enrolled themselves in catching up, which is greatly helpful to improve all kinds of employees’ ability and level.

   In the future, with the mission of “Science and technology is to change the melody of life”, Zecen Biotech will live up to expectations and keep striving to be the most respected Chinese brand in the health care field.