[Good News] ZECEN Obtained EQA Certificate from NCCL

2015-12-25 13:39:07


       In 2015, ZECEN attended the EQA from NCCL. We offer several menu items under EQA.  All items got excellent results and obtained the EQA certificate. Menu includes Tumor markers, Endocrine, Infectious disease(Category A), Infectious Disease (Category C), TORCH and prenatal screening of mid-stage pregnancy.

       External Quality Assessment (EQA) programs are invaluable tools used by laboratories to periodically assess their analytical performance and achieve added confidence in reporting their patient test results. Results are objectively compared to other laboratories using the same methodologies, instruments and reagents.

EQA will assist us in improving analytical quality, inter-laboratory agreement, identify potential equipment or reagent failures, and identify any training deficiencies, so as to provide high-quality products to our customers.